Discourages intruders, welcomes guests

Movement detectors can sense people approaching your home. Unwelcome guests are exposed, while everyone else gets a warm welcome. The detectors can also be used indoors to turn on the lights, heating or air-conditioning, greeting you when you walk into a room.

Take control of who you let into your world

The front door marks the boundary between public space and your private sphere. With our new video technology, you can decide who crosses this line. ABB-Welcome is easy to use, and its modular design suits every style.

Our task is your protection

Fires are dangerous, and they can spread fast. That’s why the smoke alarm is on guard 24/7. It detects dangerous amounts of smoke and alerts using an acoustic alarm. Once you know you and your family are safe, you can fully focus on your household tasks.

Light up the way to a safe arrival

The MasterLight is more than just a front door light. It illuminates your house number so that guests can find your address more easily, and it can be extended with a bright warning light to show intruders that they’ve come too close.